Updated: September 2 2015

Sebastian's Storefront

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Are you new to my humble storefront?

Ah, then greetings to you, citizen. If I may be so bold, you seem to be a little lost. Is there any way I may be of assistance?

Yes, in point of fact, I have heard of the establishment you speak of. They say that it's operated by a mage who keeps it hidden from view except to those of a certain, uh...disposition. I don't wish to upset you by the implication, but if the shop were here, do you think you'd be one of those few able to detect it?

I'm glad to hear you say that. I apologize for the deception, but these are uncertain times we live in and I had to be sure of your intentions. Please permit me to introduce myself. I'm Sebastian Blackcat — rubbermage, owner, and proprietor of the Magick Shoppe.

Huzzah! You can see it behind me now, can't you? A vague outline, at the very least. Here, allow me to show you around. My assistant, Erica, and I will do what we can to help you discover unimagined pleasure.